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Free trial

We have free 1 month trial system.

Even if any trouble or breakage happens during your use, please don’t worry, the insurance will cover.
※ There is a limited number of the products.


Available for rental.

Rinshu full-size model ¥10,000 JY per month, Rinshu NOAH ¥5,000 JY per month (tax not included)
Length of Using Personal:1 month〜、Corporate:6 months〜


Lease contract is available only for Corporate customer.

You can use a leasing company of your choice. The lease price depends on the leasing companies, but it’ll be around ¥10,000 JY per month for 5 year lease. Updates & Support Packs are included.

Reservation・ContactPlease feel free to contact us via Phone call or Contact form

Product Specification

Rinshu Full-size R-0002

RINSHU Full-size R-0002 (Sunburst)


RINSHU Full-size R-0002 (Amber)


Rinshu Three-quarter size Model R-0003

RINSHU Three-quarter size Model R-0003 (Sunburst)



RINSHU NOAH R-0004 (Sunburst)


Specifications list

Model Number R-0002 (Rinshu Full-size) R-0003 (Rinshu Three-quarter size Model) R-0004 (Rinshu NOAH)
Drive Unit 70mm Square shape, Aluminum-made drive unit *2
90mm Square shape, Dual voice coil drive unit *1
Frequency response 50Hz-100KHz
70mm Square shape, Aluminum-made drive unit *1
Frequency response 50Hz-100KHz
Vibrator Curved board pulse generator made of Hinoki(Japanese Cypress) of Kiso region *2
Yacht-shape vibrator made of shaving Paulownia log in Niigata *1
Curved board pulse generator made of Hinoki(Japanese Cypress) of Kiso region *2
Yacht-shape vibrator made of Paulownia in Niigata *1
Curved board pulse generator made of Hinoki(Japanese Cypress) of Kiso region *1
Top panel made of Niigata paulownia *1
Amplifier 12W+12W (6Ω)
SCDS digital amplifier
Playback Device Sound Library in 24bit 96KHz (About 170 songs)
High definition slide show through HDMI terminal
0.5h-6h of sleep timer mounted
Sound Library in 24bit 96KHz (About 30 songs)
High definition slide show through HDMI terminal
0.5h-6h of sleep timer mounted
Input/output terminals Analog input is possible from an external input External analog input/output terminals on board
Multiple units connectable with CAT-5(LAN) cable
Size 465mm*(W) 250mm*(D) 820mm(H) 370mm*(W)220mm*(D)672mm(H) 190mm*(W) 206mm*(D) 530mm(H)
Weight 2.6kg 2.1kg 3.0kg
Accessories Sound Library in a USB Memory stick (32GB), an infrared remote control, an instruction manual, an AC adapter
Options Dedicated hard case ¥100,000 JY(Tax not included)
Dedicated stand whole body made of Paulownia ¥50,000 JY(Color・Brown)
Pro-use aroma diffuser on board model
(Can be used with no water, no replenishment for 2weeks~1 month)
Scheduled to be available in April 2019


Warranty Period
1 year
Warranty Target Information
Covered for troubles occurred due to the defects of intended device while using under the instruction manual. Expendable parts(mast, battery, memory card) are not included however. Please see”Warranty Clause”for more detail.

Support Package

Update & Support Package

¥1,980 JY / month (Tax not included)
This is a service package to get free repairs for any troubles or breakdowns(include accidents) after the Warranty Period. A memory card with seasonal new songs will be sent to you 4 times a year in addition.

※However the troubles due to natural disasters are not covered.

Repair Procedure

  • 1) Please contact our customer service center or the dealer that you purchased through and tell the case, we will give you the informations to deal with.
  • 2) When the repair is necessary, if it’s possible to bring it to the store or our showroom, we will exchange for a replacement device that you can use during the repair.
  • 3) If you’d like to send, we will send a replacement to use during the repair first. Please put the device which the repair is needed back into the box we sent, and send it back to us(at customer expense)If you need to know how to pack, we will guide you on the phone.
  • 4) If it’s out-of-warranty, and if you don’t apply for the Maintenance and Support package, we will inform you the repair price, please transfer the payment to the designated bank account.
  • 5) The repair is started when we receive the amount. We will contact you when it’s done.
  • 6) We will hand it out at the store or our showroom, in exchange for the replacement.
  • 7) If you’d like us to send you, we will send the repaired product first. Please put the replacement back into the box we sent, and send it back to us(at customer expense)

If you’d like a staff of our company or the store visit you to repair, please let us know so.

The sample of repair price


¥10,000 JY/ Piece

※Since the mast( made of Kiso Hinoki) is an expendable part, it’s easy to exchange to the new one just like strings of guitars or violins when the life-span (humidity makes a big different) has come.


Scuff repair: ¥50,000 JY〜
Troubles of driver・circuit: ¥50,000 JY〜

※After the repair of the driver inside of the body, the sound might have a slight change sometimes.

After-sales Service

Hibino Sound Therapy Lab Inc. Customer service center

Warranty Clause

Warranty Clause

Hibino Sound Therapy Lab Inc. (We) provides repair service (This Service) simultaneously with your purchase of the product based on this Clause.

The 1st Amendment (a Definition)

We define a word in this Clause as follows.
”Purchased products”:
It would mean products of our company purchased via our company or authorized dealers.
“Targeted Device”:
It would mean targeted device of This Service out of purchased products. More detail about targeted device would be defined in the 2nd Amendment
It would mean the failure due to a defect while using according to the instruction manual.
It would mean the owner of the targeted device.

The 2nd Amendment (this Service)

This Service is targeted for the device discussed in the next section and the 3rd Amendment. The targeted device would be identified by the Warranty Certificate issued by us when the product is purchased.
The targeted product would be ranged as follows.
(1)The body of the purchased product
(2)The peripherals came with the (1) of this section.
Please be noticed that the following items are not included for the targeted product.
Masts, Batteries, Memory cards
Consumable items that are consumed and can not be used anymore

The 3rd Amendment (Providing term of this service)

The beginning and the expiration term of This Service would be defined as follows except the occasion discussed in the 10th Amendment.
The beginning date:
The date of the purchased described on the Warranty Certificate(Purchased date)
The expiration date:
One year from the beginning date

The 4th Amendment (contents of This Service)

(1)Our company provides carry-in and shipping repairs with actual checking according to this Clause, when a failure of the targeted product occurred in Japan, during the term of This Service which was defined in the last Amendment(Term of This Service).
(2)We will undergo the repair without following cost to our customers. Free repair won’t be replaced by paying cash to our customers.
a. In case of carry-in repair
Repair technique fee and changing parts fee
b. In case of shipping repair
Repair technique fee, changing parts fee, and designated transportation fee of our designated freight company
(3)We will provide the replacement device of our choice which is equivalent to the original device( The Replacement) on behalf of the free repair when we judge it’s impossible, difficult, or not rational to repair due to the state of the targeted device or our situations. However in case the customer doesn’t want the change of the device, we will return the targeted device as the actual state.

The 5th Amendment (how to apply for This Service)

(1)In case you’d like to apply for This Service, please contact the Customer Service Center directly which is written on the Warranty Certificate (the Repair Desk)
(2)In case of apply for This Service, we would ask for submitting a document with the targeted Device as follows.
Warranty Certificate which came with the targeted device of the purchased product
(3)We would provide This Service according to the following rules.
a. In case of carry-in repair
The customer contact us as described in (1),the customer would carry-in the targeted products to our Repair Desk, and we would return at the Repair Desk after the repair is done.
b. In case of shipping repair
When the customer contact us as described in (1) we would decide the date of freight together, our designated company would come to a designated location(domestic only) to pick up the targeted device, and deliver back to the same location after the repair is done.

The 6th Amendment (In case of not applicable of This Service)

In cases of following would be exceptions of This Service, we would charge the entire cost to our customers.
(1)Applying for This Service after the term is over
(2)Had the repair not via the Repair Desk of our company or authorized dealers but at other stores
(3)Any trouble occurred outside of Japan
(4)In case we can’t do an actual checking of the Targeted Device
(5)In case of not having all the documents submitted described in (2) in the 5th Amendment
(6)In case of not written the date of Purchase, model, (7)serial number, and all necessary sections in the document that defined in (2) of the 5th Amendment of the Targeted Device
(8)In case that any word or section of the documents described in (2) of the 5th Amendment is rewritten
(9)Damages caused by theft, lost・ mislaid, fraud・abstraction or any act of misconduct by third person
(10)Damages caused by any country or any public authority use such as attachment, requisition, confiscation, destruction
(11)Damages caused by war, use of force by foreign country, revolution, administration abduction, internal strife, armed rebellion, or any similar situation or riot
(12)Damages or failures caused by earthquake, eructation, or tsunami caused by them, fire, damages by flood, wind, thunder or other natural disasters, environment disruption, salt pollution, abnormal voltage
(13)Targeted products’ natural consumption, wear and tear, rust, mold, musty condition, alteration, discoloration, or any scuff not affecting function, dirt, or defect not been able to reproduce the symptom
Physical damage(include death due to the damage), or other devices, loss, damage, defacement of the property
(14)Wrong handling( include inappropriate handling against the instruction manual) of the targeted product or its accessaries or other devices connected to it, or rework or remodeling(include remove of driver’s screw, bottom cover)
(15)Damage caused to the replacement device of the case
(16)Damage caused during the transportation from where we hand out to our customer the Targeted Product after the repair is finished to his/her home or any place to put this
(17)Shipping fee to and from Remote Islands
(18)In case of false registration at the purchase of This Service
(19)Damage due to Violation of Laws by our customer or third person(include family members living together with our customer)
(20)Damage or failure caused by transportation, fall, relocation after the purchase of the Targeted Device

The 7th Amendment (Caution in case of applying for This Service)

(1)We can not return the old parts or the Targeted Device that are changed to the new ones according to This Service.
(2)Please take off the storage mediums or datas that This Service don’t cover, or take back ups. In case of handing out with those medias and datas, we would consider as our customer waive their right. However this shall not apply to the case our company require it.
(3)When we figure that the case is not targeted by This Service after we receive the product or application, we would notice the fact and repair and charge. In case of repair cancellation, estimation and shipping fee would be charged on our customer.
(4)Please keep all the documents carefully described in (2) of the 5th Amendment during the term of This Service. In case of losing the documents, we don’t provide This Service in general. However we may provide This Service at our own judgement when we can identify the information regarding This Service such as the date of purchase of the Targeted Product at our company.

The 8th Amendment (Caution for inoperable damage)

We don’t cover any damage of our customer not being able to use the Targeted Device except the situations caused by intentional act or the gross negligence of our company.

The 9th Amendment (Early termination of This Service)

When corresponded to one of following situations,This Service would be terminated even if it’s still under warranty.
(1)In case of destruction of the Targeted Device
(2)In case our customer receive a replacement device form our company, or in case we return the Targeted Device as of now to our customer because he/she didn’t want a replacement supply.

The 10th Amendment (Privacy policy)

(1)We collect Personal Data when you sign up for This Service such as your name, phone number, address and your browsing history (together, Personal Data). We may use your Personal Data for following occasions.
(2)(Purpose of using your Personal Data): Personal Data of our customer are used only for those purposes (Purpose of Using)We won’t use Personal Data of our customer for other purposes without your agreement except the lawful situation. In case we can’t collect your Personal Data, you may not be able to receive This Service.
a. Providing This Service
b. Reference for the product developing, our service and support improvement.
c. Inquiry to give us comment and feedback concerning us
d. When we identify any potentially danger of your Personal Data or us, and we determine for further analysis as security measures to preserve the security
e. Statistics Preparation
(3)(Shared use of Your Personal Data): We may share your Personal Data with our company and our distributors that are specified on Warranty Certificate to achieve utilization purpose. We are in charge of administering your Personal Data in this case
(4)(Safe administration of your Personal Data): We strive to keep your Personal Data as accurate and latest, we may also take necessary and appropriate safety control measurers at our technical level to prevent from illegal access, falsification, leak, loss, or injury. When we achieve the utilization purpose and we consider no longer needs your Personal Data, we may delete them immediately.
(5)(Provide your Personal Data): We won’t provide your Personal Data to the third parties without your agreement in advance except the following occasions,
In case the other companies need your Personal Data as we may charge other companies to provide us their services to support our achievement. (We will choose the company with making sure their security system is safe enough to keep your Personal Data, and we will take necessary and appropriate control via contract.) a. In case we consider as reasonably necessary to comply with law or a legal process
b. In case it’s necessary to protect somebody’s life, body, or goods, however it is difficult to get an agreement form this person
c. In case of merger, corporate separation, alienation, or devolution of business
(6)(Inquiries and contacts): If you would like reference, correction, elimination of your Personal Data that was given to us, or if you would like a termination of This Service, please contact our Repair Desk. We will respond to requests as soon as possible.
(Chief Privacy Officer): Chief Privacy Officer is assigned as follows.
Hibino Music Therapy Lab Inc.

The 11th Amendment (Compliance)

Any matter not described in this Cause will be governed by the domestic law of Japan.