Spirit Healing Just For You

Sound Reaching you with sound
Beyond the limits of hearing

Craftsmanship Highest quality domestic natural wood
And world-class
traditional Japanese craftmanship

Prayer Prayer through music
Cuddle up to the mind - body - spirit

Let your stress sail away...
The greatest self-care experience for your soul
is here.

Sending ripples of love
to your waiting heart.

RINSHU has been crafted in the shape of a yacht,
overcoming the intensity and cold of the sea within and moving you forward.
Through a voyage which is called Life,
there's smooth sailing and rough days at sea.
Even during these difficult times,
even if it were the last day of your life,
how can we capture that hopeful light?
When we deeply considered this,
we decided on the shape of a yacht.


Mind・body・Spirit Healing
Just For You

Those with busy and stressful lives, those fighting illness,
and those who are compassionate caregivers,
RINSHU was developed for you.



RINSHU is a revolutionary sound system generating audio pulses and amplifcation through the curved sails of the yacht-like design.. (Japan, U.S. patented)In fact, the same amplfication system using curved wood is how traditional musical instruments, such as the violin and acoustic guitar, work. In this way, the sound from the RINSHU creates vibrations that reach your entire body, including higher frequencies that are outside of the range of human hearing, just like traditional musical instruments. A music library recorded in audiophile-level quality is included so that you can enjoy the beautiful sound of the RINSHU from the moment you receive it.


World-renowned Paulownia wood from Niigata prefecture, Japan is used for the body. Fresh-cut wood from high up in the mountains of Japan is harvested solely for the RINSHU and aged two years. The sails are made from Kiso-Hinoki (Japanese cypress), which was also used to build the Goju-No-To (5-story pagoda) in the Horyuji Temple that is still standing to this day, 1,300 years after being built. The craftsmen responsible for hand-carving the Rinshu are known throughout Japan for creating traditional Japanese chests and drawers from the same Paulownia wood from Kamo. This masterpiece combining natural wood and traditional craftmanship sounds even more rich and vibrant over time, just like a violin.


The music library included with the Rinshu was perfromed by musicians filled with the prayers and best wishes for all those who would come to hear it. The musicians prayed and contemplated before each and every recording to ensure a focus on healing and wellbeing was conveyed through the music. Leaving their ego and self-expression aside, the musicians were not concerned with the technical aspect of their performance, but rather focusing on a specific mood or feeling to be conveyed. In this way, the musicians poured everything they had into their perfromances. The result is a sound that cuddles up to the mind, body, and spirit of the listener, including those frequencies that can't even be heard.

Customer Feedback

Rinshu Story

First dreamed up in 2009, it took seven years for RISNHU to set sail. There were many difficulties along the way. And many positive encounters and miracles as well.

Trial Session

Live demonstrations are held occassionally to experience the RINSHU.Please enjoy a relaxing moment in the healing space that RINSHU creates.

About us

Hibino Sound Therapy Lab is headquartered in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, a region blessed with great natural beauty and a wonderful cultural motto: "Support one another."RINSHU is made with the support of many individuals in Niigata.